1976 Reunion on Zoom

1976 Reunion on Zoom

On Sunday 01 August the Herzlia class of 1976 got together for a reunion for the first time since matriculating in 1976.

Trying to coordinate an appropriate time for everybody was quite a mission but eventually, the date and time were agreed upon and I was so excited when 40 of our classmates signed in on Zoom.

Some of us hadn’t seen each other for 45 years so the joy of reconnecting was palpable.

Our Head Students, Jeff Bruss and Nadine Bukmus, both doctors practising in USA and Canada respectively, opened the proceedings with a short address.

Each attendee then gave a brief idea of what they had done since leaving school, what they are doing now, their family life and other bits of information that we all found so enlightening.

It was amazing to hear about our classmates’ lives and I was blown away by how many success stories were told. Their accounts are truly inspirational.

It made me realise that our year group is truly incredible and have contributed so much to the world.

What struck me was how dispersed we all are across the world yet how similar we are in our values, our memories and our actions. I was also so proud of the many wonderful things that were said about Herzlia. So many of us value the education we received at Herzlia and how connected we feel as Herzlians across the globe. This is an incredible acknowledgement of the foundation each child receives at the school.

We finished off with a presentation of old school photos and the singing of the old school song. It was an incredible evening that was enjoyed by all despite it being on a digital platform. Next time we hope to meet in person.

Here are some quotes from a few of the attendees:

“Thanks for forwarding the emails Geoff, and for organising a really great evening!!

“Amazing how much we’ve all changed, yet intrinsically, we’re all still the same…” Lorraine Kaplan

“It was really great seeing everyone and I wish that I had been able to participate in it live. It was clear that everyone enjoyed it and it is amazing that despite the passage of 45 years, it was easy and comfortable for everyone to share their experiences. The connections are really unique, strong and lifelong. What an incredible group of people!”  Jeff Bruss (Head Boy)

“Well done Geoff. It was truly special.” Leonard Katz

“That was amazing. Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto.” Hylton Karon

“Thank you Geoff, really enjoyed the Zoom reunion! It was great seeing everyone.” Stephen Kolnik

“Wow Toda Raba for organising. It was so very special. Looking forward to seeing you here please G-d soon.” Ora Rov



Department: Alumni
Location: Zoom
Date: August 1, 2021
Time: TBC


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