Promising Innovations at the Gr 9 Science & Engineering Expo

Promising Innovations at the Gr 9 Science & Engineering Expo

By Sally Boddington Life Sciences Teacher – Herzlia High School

The Grade 9 pupils at Herzlia High School recently wrapped up their Science Expo, a journey that began in March of this year. The culmination of months of hard work and dedication took centre stage in August, as the pupils presented their projects to a panel of judges, all esteemed Herzlian alumni who have forged successful careers in various scientific fields.

Guided by their teachers and their own curiosity, the pupils embarked on a quest of scientific exploration and innovation. From intricate scientific investigations to imaginative engineering projects, the pupils displayed a diverse array of topics and concepts, showcasing their ability to think critically and creatively.

The judging phase in August brought together a panel of accomplished professionals who returned to their alma mater to assess the projects. Dr Amy Marks, Brendan Weaver, Ethan Shirk, Grant Norrie, Hayli Geffen, Micaela Lurie, Rachel Catzel, and Caitlin Rabe were among the alumni judges who lent their expertise to evaluate the pupils’ work. Each pupil had the chance to discuss their project with a judge, offering insights into their research, methodologies, and findings.

Brendan Weaver, a Herzlian alumna who has since become a chemical engineer, shared his own experiences with the Grade 9s, recounting how his Science Expo, which started at Herzlia High School when he was a pupil, on Gold Extraction served as the foundation for his Masters Project. When Brendan was a pupil here, his project won gold internationally.

The internal expo, overseen by the panel of alumni judges, demonstrated the breadth of talent and creativity among the Grade 9 pupils. The projects spanned a wide range of scientific disciplines, highlighting the pupils’ commitment to exploring various aspects of the world around them.

Recognition was given to pupils who achieved remarkable scores in their projects, with a special nod to those who achieved over 90%. These pupils showcased their dedication to their chosen topics and their ability to deliver well-researched and thoughtful presentations.

In third place were Hannah Atie and Jami Levy, who tackled the intriguing topic of “Evils Lurking in Your Tap Water,” shedding light on an issue of everyday concern.

The second place was shared by two individual projects. Samuel Hamburger’s “How Stains are Pains?” delved into a relatable problem, while Amala Moodley’s project added to the diversity of topics with her unique exploration of The Smart Watering System.

Our first-place winners, who attained a remarkable 100% score for their exceptional projects were Liam Baruch and Kaine Lipshitz-Rosenstein. Liam’s study on “A Comparative Study of Plastic, Paper, Polyester, and Agar Bioplastic Bags” demonstrated his dedication to environmentally conscious materials. Meanwhile, Kaine’s project, “Comparison of Electrolyte Concentration in Sports Drinks and Fruit Juices,” showcased his meticulous scientific approach.

As the Science Investigation and engineering projects came to a close, the Grade 9 pupils left an indelible mark on Herzlia School, showcasing their passion for science and their potential as budding researchers and innovators. This event served as a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and a deep appreciation for the scientific method.


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