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About Herzlia Weizmann Primary

Herzlia Weizmann Primary School.

If there’s one thing to be sure of, it’s that the supportive, collaborative teachers at Herzlia Weizmann Primary are dedicated to helping each child reach their potential. Our dynamic and engaging curriculum educates the whole child, offers pupils opportunities for academic and personal growth, and connects them with their Jewish heritage. We promote positivity, respect, and kindness among pupils and staff so everyone can feel safe and supported.

The Space

The vibrant suburb of Sea Point, Cape Town, is home to Herzlia Weizmann Primary School. Our campus has a swimming pool, multipurpose hall for events and winter activities, an Innovation Centre and Makerspace, as well as multiple outdoor areas for learning, sport, relaxation and play. Our classrooms are welcoming to all and are specially designed to facilitate learning and connection.

The Team

Our teachers ensure that pupils feel valued, while making the campus a fun, happy and inspiring space. The care and interest they take in each child means that they truly see them for who they are and can proactively offer them opportunities for success. They’re invested, accessible, enthusiastic, innovative and creative – and are constantly finding ways to develop themselves and be better teachers for their pupils.


We strive for many goals – to be a community school, to foster a strong Jewish identity, to educate the whole child, and to maximise each pupil’s potential. Our caring, child-centred environment promotes an open, friendly relationship between teachers and pupils. This encourages a questioning spirit and freedom of thought. The National Senior Certificate curriculum via CAPS is taught alongside our rich Jewish Life and Learning programme. Over and above standard subjects, we teach Beginning Knowledge, Personal and Social Wellbeing, Creative Arts and Technology in our Makerspace and Computer Lab.

Extra Murals

As part of our curriculum, we enrich our pupils’ experience through music, choir, art, drama, debating and chess. Additionally, a wide variety of extra-curricular and sporting activities help develop new skills, interests and friendships. Our Summer programme includes, for example, ball-skills development, swimming, water polo, cricket, tennis, table tennis, netball, drama, art club, choir, basketball and many other outsourced activities. In Winter, the sport offering includes soccer and netball. Our Innovation Centre, with our Esteam offering, is available all year round.

Jewish Life & Learning

More than just a Jewish Curriculum, we offer pupils and their families an opportunity to be part of a Jewish community. Our attitude to Judaism is about community, heritage, culture and understanding. We equip pupils with principles of how to be Jewish in a modern world, while learning about Festivals, Zionism, Israel, Hebrew, Chumash, and the beginning of Judaism. We love parental involvement and creating new initiatives out of the classroom, such as Tefillah Tuesday, challah bakes, Shabbatonim, and Shabbos Project events.

Pupil Support

Whether a pupil needs academic or emotional support, our support system of counsellors, psychologists, OTs, remedial teachers, and special needs co-ordinators are ready. This benefits those who require extra care and all pupils who learn to value and respect difference and diversity. Our excellent academic programme has differentiated streams for different learning profiles, giving each child a unique learning experience. Support classes are available, which allows work to be revised or pre-taught in an intimate setting.

Anton Krupenia, Principal 
Herzlia Weizmann Primary

Meet Principal Anton Krupenia

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher as it’s an incredible opportunity to nurture future generations of good people. Creating a safe, fun environment for children, watching their progress and development and seeing their smiling faces every day, makes it so special. As does the fact that as an ex-Herzlian, this isn’t just a workplace, it’s my home! The values we teach, the culture we experience, the Yiddishkeit we embrace, and the Menschlichkeit we embody – is intrinsic to who I am. Herzlia moulded me as a pupil and gave me opportunities to grow. Now it’s my duty and passion to pass that gift on to the children we teach. I dream of growth – in pupil numbers, in our facilities, in our educational offering and in how we support our children – so we may continue to make a difference, enhance lives, and positively impact our community.

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