Coding and Robotics at Herzlia

Coding and Robotics at Herzlia

Herzlia, as a forward-thinking institution, is dedicated to preparing its pupils for the modern digital age, ensuring they’re not only consumers of technology but creators and innovators as well. From pre-school all the way to advanced levels, Herzlia’s curriculum reflects a deep commitment to equipping its pupils with the essential skills needed in a rapidly advancing technological world. Therefore, Herzlia pupils are afforded the opportunity to develop vital 21st Century competencies and skills in an engaging and stimulating high-tech educational environment that will help to prepare them for a rapidly changing world.

Pre-school Coding and Robotics

In a significant leap forward, Herzlia’s pre-school teachers have recently undergone specialised training by ORT SA Cape. This empowers them to integrate age-appropriate tools like robot mice and custom-designed educational mats into the classroom environment. Specifically tailored for the youngest pupils, these tools aim to instil a foundational understanding of robotics. The pre-school teachers thoroughly engaged in the training sessions where there was an opportunity to practise coding in groups of four, supporting each other as a team. Many are already designing unplugged coding activities as well as working on how to integrate the knowledge learnt into the curriculum. The learning is extensive and we are thrilled to be given the opportunity for this enrichment within the classrooms as it covers a variety of perceptual skills, executive functioning, developmental goals such as directionality, planning, teamwork and sequential memory. Teachers were introduced to the language of coding which they can use in all their teaching within the classroom. 

Primary School IT and Innovation

Progressing into primary school, pupils are offered IT and Innovation as a subject, exposing them to a broader horizon of coding and robotics. Herzlia incorporates the use of Lego and Sphero robots, enabling hands-on learning experiences. In addition to this, pupils are introduced to the world of Arduino microcontrollers, a powerful tool that bridges the gap between software and the physical world. Teacher training forms an important part of Herzlia’s curriculum development approach and includes well-known offerings such as the annual InnovateEDU summit.  

High School ESTEAM Specialisation

The high school years at Herzlia are about deepening and diversifying technological expertise. Pupils engaged in the Computer Science Stream embark on advanced coding and robotics projects using Arduino microcontrollers. Meanwhile, those in the Digital Stream get the opportunity to delve into Minecraft Agent coding, harnessing the popular platform for educational purposes. For those with an inclination towards hands-on construction and design, the Makerspace Design Stream offers a unique chance to build scribble robots, combining art with technology.

Advanced ESTEAM

Pushing boundaries even further, Advanced ESTEAM at Herzlia is for those passionate about diving deep into the realms of digital design and creation. Pupils in this elective programme get the privilege of working with Unreal Engine 5, designing and coding ultra-realistic games that rival professional offerings. Beyond gaming, pupils are also guided through the intricate process of app development, equipping them with a skill that is increasingly invaluable in today’s app-centric world.

Herzlia’s comprehensive approach to coding and robotics, ranging from foundational experiences in pre-school to specialised programmes in high school, ensures that our pupils are more than ready to navigate, contribute to, and shape the digital future.

MICHAEL VORSTER UHS Head of Innovation


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