Herzlia excels at the 2022 Computer Olympiad Talent Search

Herzlia excels at the 2022 Computer Olympiad Talent Search

The Computer Olympiad Talent Search is the South African version of the Bebras Contest which attracts more than two million participants from more than 50 countries in the rest of the world each year. The contest requires the use of Computational Thinking – those skills that are also required for Mathematics, Science, IT and Computer Applications. The Talent Search identifies pupils with the skills, but at the same time gives all an opportunity to develop these skills. (source: https://olympiad.org.za/talent-search/)

All Herzlia pupils from Grade 4 – 11 participated in the Olympiad this year. We are truly proud of the wide participation and the remarkable results. Mazaltov to the following pupils for their outstanding achievements:

Grade 4 & 5 Category:

Only six participants out of 2324 in SA achieved a perfect score. Two of them are from Herzlia.

Mazaltov to Joseph Allardice and Dan Wagenheim (Highlands) who both achieved 100%. Well done to Gabe Goldberg and Stella Reynolds (Weizmann) who both achieved an impressive 91% and to Max Bass and Levi Zar (Highlands) who both received an amazing 92% (only 32 out of 2324 participants in the country achieved these marks or above).

Grade 6 & 7 Category:

Only nine participants out of 3330 in SA achieved a perfect score. Two of them is from Herzlia.

Mazaltov to Yoni Shneor (Highlands) and Joseph Schwartz (High School) who both achieved 100%. Well done to Austin Harris (Weizmann) and Josie Goldberg (High school) who both achieved an impressive 93% (only 42 out of 3330 participants in the country achieved this mark or above).

Grade 8 & 9 Category:

Only two out of 7014 participants in SA achieved a perfect score. One of them is from Herzlia.

Mazaltov to Benjamin Levinson who achieved 100% and Sam Frankel who scored 93% (only 14 in the country achieved this mark or above).

Grade 10 & 11 Category:

Only two out of 3435 participants in the category in SA achieved a perfect score. One of them is from Herzlia.

Mazaltov to Jonathan Querido who achieved 100%.

We would like to thank the following teachers for their assistance: Robyn Lothian (Highlands) Lindsay Hart (Weizmann) Luke Fletcher, Lauren Paillard, Paul Maree and the High School Mathematics department.


Grade 4 & 5 category:

Osaze Abusomwan, Joseph Allardice, Raphael Baliti, Max Bass, Jack Berkal, Jae Brinkman
Luca Bukaresti, Roark Burke, Max Fenwick, Levi Fine-Bloom, Jake Flax, Aryeh Goldring, Olivia Green, Natanya Krynauw, Blake Laing, Chaya Lear, Ruben Levin-Vorster, Reece Levinthal, Jonathan Melnik, Zoe Novos, Phoenix Nowitz, Danica Price, Jack Raphaely, Hannah Reinders, Kate Roytowski, Ella Samols, Jake Sandler, Maya Schreuder, Kira Shekel, Danyel Smith, Dominique Swiel, Keanu Toledo, Dan Wagenheim, Levi Zar

Kayla Balkin, Jasper Berman, Benjamin Cohen Behr, Jesse Feldman, Gabe Goldberg, Jamie Harris, Allegra Katz, Matt Levy, Eitan Mazor, Annabella Rabinowitz, Stella Reynolds, Rafael Wynne

Grade 6 & 7 category:

Tristan Hermelin, Sebastian Rogow, Yoni Shneor, Samuel Videtzky

Ari Bloom, Austin Harris, Zac Hertzberg, Zack Levy

High School
Seth Berrill, Max Blaszkiewicz, Zara Cohen, Adam Gad, Josie Goldberg, Daniel Gruzd, Kitty Harris, Raquel Joffe, Sophia Leve, Daniel Merris, Ava Palmer, Joseph Schwartz, Hillel Walker

Grade 8 & 9 category:
Liam Baruch, Zac Coetzee, Sam Frankal, Mira Gibson, Noah Helman, Neo Hermus, Benjamin Lazarus, Joseph Lee, Benjamin Levinson, Clive Loewenthal, Michael Maher, Benjamin Marks, Noah Morris, Leah Rodenacker, Coby Selikowitz, Danni Shochot, Joshua Stoller

Grade 10 & 11 category:

Matthew Carrol, Ashlee Deats, Leo Franck, Shay-Lee Geva, Jonathan Querido, Itai Schulman, Bella Sherman, Joshua Van Tonder


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