Mazaltovs and Condolences

Mazaltovs and Condolences




Alice Lazarus (MY 2005) a daughter Raffaella Maggie

Martine (nee Cohen) (MY 2002) and Greg Nafte a daughter Ella Rose

Justine (nee Johnson) (MY 2007) and Neil Schaffer (MY 2004) a daughter

Claire (nee Sweidan) (MY 2007) and Matthew Donen (MY 2007) a daughter in Amsterdam

Alexis (nee Gillis) (MY 2005) and Daniel Hersch a daughter

Jade (nee Kaplan) (MY 2008) and Brian Blumenthal a daughter Emily Rae

Tamara (nee Kahn) (MY 2007) and Adam Victor a son 

Maya (nee Krein) and Gary Fine a son

Yonina (nee Miller) (MY 2002) and Steven Sher (MY 1998) a daughter

Dr Ryan Karro (MY 1994) and Michal Bar Or a son

Joshua Sevitz (MY 2007) and Jordy (nee Meissler) a daughter

Jason Frank (MY 2011) and Stacey Frank (nee Kriger) a son

Gahlia Burgess (nee Phillips) (MY 1998) and Wes Burgess a son Zyon Lev Risi Rabinowitz Burgess

Shaun Stoch (MY 2002) and Raffaella (nee Thoolen) (MY 2011) a baby boy Levi

Joshua Raizon (MY 2004) and Lori Feldman (MY 2009) a son Lev in London

Talya (nee Schaffer) (MY 2002) and Paul French (MY 1999) a daughter

Saar Ben Tovim (MY 1994) and Serron a son

Lorin (nee Bradley) (MY 2008) and Saul Mayers a son

Raphaella Stander (MY 2004) and Jedd Kossew a daughter

Jessica Gawronsky (MY 2007) and Justin Milner a daughter Ella Leah 

Jeremy Capouya (MY 1994) and Tasmin a daughter Stella Isla 

Toni Feldman (MY 2004) and Sim a son

Rabbi Jonathan Landau (MY 2000) and Dani a daughter

Merle (nee Stodel) (MY 2002) and Robert Lewenson (MY 1998) a daughter

Samantha (nee Stern) (MY 2007) and Steven Wiener (MY 2005) a son



Daniel Fig (MY 2005) to Becky Foxler

Jake Klaas (MY 2011) to Micaela Britt Jacobson (MY 2013)

Janna Mae Rubin (MY 2011) to Daniel Behrman

Maddie Wingerin (MY 2018) to Eitan Chipkin



Stacey Stern (nee Marcus) (MY 2006) and Saul Stern

Jason Blacher (MY 2009) and Jessica in Rhodes

Jarred Locketz (MY 2017) and Ron Meuhas in Israel

Jason Miller (MY 2014) and Jenna Kaftel in Johannesburg

Maya Schkolne (MY 2006) in Johannesburg



Isidore Arelisky (MY 1960)

Andrew Stoller (MY 1985)

Aubrey Krawitz (MY 1965)

Mark Mausenbaum (MY 1984)

Tanya Kann (nee Cohen) (MY 1997)

Laureen Leps (nee Rubin) (MY 1992)

Bronwyn Mulligan (MY 2008)

Nina Shmaryahu (MY 1993)

Arie Radowsky (MY 1981)




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2023 Matric Valedictory

Herzlia’s Matric Class of 2023’s Valedictory marks a significant milestone in their Herzlia school journey!

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Tax Benefits of Donating to The Herzlia Foundation Trust

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