To celebrate Purim we’re meant to hear the reading of the Megillah, feast and drink, donate to the poor and send Mishloach Manot. Not to mention dressing up in costumes and having a ball!

Herzlia pupils and staff celebrated across all campuses. Here’s what everyone got up to.

High School 

Each grade was given a different dress-up theme. The day started with Tefillah, Megillah reading, Dvar Torah and a dress up competition, followed by a wonderful carnival.

Highlands Primary 

Pupils were treated to a carnival, magic and fire show.

Weizmann Primary 

The theme was Purim in the Jungle. The day started with Tefillah and Rabbi Wineberg reading from the Megillah. The children were also treated to a Purim Shpiel which included a special staff spin. A wild and wonderful day in the Jungle was enjoyed by all. 

Alon Ashel 

Each child had the opportunity to swap Mishloach Manot with a friend that they prepared in class. Rabbi Sam read from the Megillah. The excitement was palpable and the spirit of a joyful Purim was certainly felt! Alon Ashel celebrated in grand style, reminding us that there is always time for joy and gratitude.

Gan Aviv 

Balloons and music greeted the children as they entered the school. Rabbi Feldman came to read the Megillah. Each class participated in the Purim parade. Cape Town Torah High arrived, singing and dancing, to do a Purim Shpiel. For the first time in two years, the Grade R’s went to visit the residents at Highlands House next door to sing songs and show off their dress up costumes.


The staff re-enacted the story of Purim by putting on a ‘Purim Play’. The children were enthralled and could not believe their eyes, watching the characters come to life. Special guest Rabbi Ryan read the Megillah. The children then showed off their fancy dress costumes in a parade, ate delicious Hamantashen, swapped Mishloach Manot and gave their coins to charity. The Grade R’s even made their very own Megillahs!