Herzlia will be honouring Lag BaOmer this year by again hosting a haircutting ceremony on 9 May 2023 at 15h30 in aid of Zichron Menachem – an Israeli organisation which makes custom wigs for children who have lost their hair due to Cancer. The minimum length is 30cm.

“We encourage our pupils and families to give tzedakah as a means of making a difference in this world. Tzedek means “justice” or “righteousness,” that is, doing the right thing. One of the most special ways of giving tzedakah is by doing so to an unknown recipient. Our donors will most likely not meet the beneficiaries of their tzedakah (in this case donating their hair), but they have given a part of themselves with an open and willing heart to someone who will not be able to pay them back. Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof – justice, justice, you shall pursue – this is one of our core middot of menschlichkeit.” Yael Fish, Teacher &  Head of JLL at Herzlia Weizmann Primary.

“When I cut and donated my hair at the beginning of 2019, it felt good and I felt special after I did. Knowing that someone else would be very happy with my good deed. I would very much recommend doing this mitzvah and I am sure that I will too once my hair is grown!” (Libby Geva Gr 8 at Herzlia High School).

“I cut my hair in 2019 for Cancer and again in 2021. The first time I was in grade 5 and I remember being told about it and thinking it must be so scary to have cancer and horrible to not have any hair. At that time I had very long hair and decided I was going to cut it. I managed to give 35cm from each plait. I was so worried my hair wasn’t going to look nice but after I cut it that  was the last thing I thought about. I thought about how happy these people will be who are getting hair. In 2019 I did, the 2nd time was much easier since I had already done it. I would definitely do it again if my hair was long enough.” Ruby Chaskelson, (Gr 9 at Herzlia High School).

“In 2019 our cousin was fighting cancer and we really wanted to contribute by showing compassion in her honour. The fact that we both needed a haircut and we could donate this and help other suffering patients seemed like a really good idea. I would highly recommend this to others, it’s a great feeling.” – Ella (Gr 9 Herzlia High School) and Zoe Musikanth (Gr 5 Herzlia Weizmann Primary). 

Zichron Menachem is the Israeli association for the support of children with cancer and their families providing emotional, social, medical and practical support services. Zichron Menachem collects hair donations to provide custom wigs free of charge to children and women who have lost their hair because of treatments.

To get involved please contact Morah Fish on yfish@herzlia.com