On Friday 25 March, our matric pupils, in a collaboration with The Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute (EOLI), participated in the first in-person schools community curriculum project. This project was born out the EOLI 2020 Leadership Development Programme responding to the need to involve our youth in community outreach organisations. The hope is that these future leaders will become more invested and involved in community projects thereby safeguarding the crucial public services that these community organisations perform. The programme was driven by Melissa Zolty (EOLI) and Di Dos Santos (Herzlia).

Students elected to join 1 of 9 Jewish community organisations for a half day programme. Eager to expose their scope of services and challenges to fresh young eyes, each organisation curated a mix of experiences and case studies and unpacked possible career opportunities. Each community organisation designed a meaningful, thought-provoking and holistic view of their work which the pupils and accompanying educators embraced with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn.

The matrics rated the day highly, saying that it proved to be an inspirational and transformative debut into the workings of our communal organisations. It’s projects like this that prove it is essential to invest in tomorrow’s leadership, today.