Shalom Herzlia Community

General Statistics:

  • 83 matric candidates
  • 99% bachelor’s degree pass
  • 305 Individual subject distinctions
  • An average of 3.7 distinctions per candidate
  • 13 pupils with 7 distinctions each
  • 16 pupils with 6 distinctions each
  • 100% pass rate for all pupils on our academic support programme

We are exceptionally proud of the incredible achievements of our 2022 matric group. Together with matriculants all over the country, this matric class had a challenging start to their FET phase of schooling over the two COVID years. In spite of the challenges this group has endured, the results of the 2022 group are truly commendable.

While there is often a focus on the number of distinctions and those who have excelled in their subjects, these results need to be interpreted in a broader context of an inclusive learning environment. The road travelled by many has not always been easy with considerable obstacles to overcome, often invisible to others. For some matrics the adversity faced has sometimes appeared insurmountable. Their achievements, therefore are an even greater testament to their determination, grit and unwavering resilience.

The role of all their teachers, from the beginning of this group’s school career, deserves to be recognised.  It is necessary and important to note and commend the dedication and unquestioned investment in each of our matric cohort of 2022’s teachers and a level of support far beyond the norm. It is also important to recognise the extraordinary work of the Counselling and Educational Support Department (SEED) which has helped and supported so many pupils (and their parents) and the teaching staff, not just academically but in every aspect of their last challenging years at school. These professionals are one of the greatest strengths, privileges and resources of Herzlia’s considerable educational offerings.

In addition to our teachers, our invested parent body has also played a vital role in supporting, encouraging and nurturing their children through this stressful time, supporting the school and helping their children navigate their way through the many challenges, the ups and downs, of their final school year.

We are extremely grateful and recognise and thank the Board for their support as well as the departments which provide the integral support and administration for the school to run effectively.

The results of our 2022 Matric cohort serve as a testimony to the benefits of a truly holistic education which is not just results-focused, but about the values, skills and relationships that pupils develop over their time as part of our school community.

Mazaltov to our Matric class of 2022!