Explosive Wins at Jr Rocket League!

Explosive Wins at Jr Rocket League!

Much celebration this week with three of our Junior Rocket League teams triumphing over Steyn City School in the exhilarating best-of-three matches that took place on Thursday, 8 June 2023. Showcasing an impressive display of skill, tactics, and teamwork, our Junior teams (Grade 4-6) delivered their A-game, turning the virtual pitch into a strategic battleground. The energy was electric as every goal was scored, each one a testament to the time and effort our teams have invested.

Herzlia’s Rocket League players have been committed to the game, with their dedication evident in the countless hours of practice they have devoted every week leading up to the matches. This rigorous training has not only honed their individual skills but also forged a cohesive team dynamic. Effective communication, swift decision-making, and impressive synchronisation in play were key elements contributing to their success. They demonstrated a great understanding of the game and a knack for anticipation, which allowed them to control the pace and rhythm, completely outmaneuvering their competitors.

Herzlia Junior RL Team 1:
Won both matches: 1-0 and 5-0
Players: Jonah Borstrock (Captain), Lev Racusson, Joey Novos, Tommy de Beer

Herzlia Junior RL Team 2
Won two out of the three matches: 2-6,4-1 and 4-2
Players: Gabriel Karabus (Captain), Grayson Kantor, Aaron Hagger, Jenna Levenberg

Herzlia RL Team 3
Won both matches: 8-0 and 5-0
Players: Jonah Borstrock (Captain), Gabriel Karabus, Connor Bailey, Ruben Weinryb

Mazaltov to all the players!


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