As we conclude our reflections on the 2022 Matric Examinations and our pupils’ excellent results, we would like to share some final thoughts with our Herzlia Community.

Recently our Subject Heads attended their various ‘Subject Roadshow Meetings’ at which the examination papers and results are discussed with colleagues from various schools in our Circuit. These meetings are always extremely valuable in ensuring we are aware of any current changes or improvements to the programme and that our pupils are well prepared for the year ahead.

At many of these meetings, schools are provided with our pupils’ subject positions in relation to other schools. We are delighted to highlight some of these:

  • Economics 9th in SA
  • Accounting 1st [shared] in the Western Cape
  • Consumer Studies 3rd in the Western Cape
  • Information Technology 3rd in the Western Cape
  • Maths 3rd in the Western Cape
  • Visual Arts 3rd in the Western Cape
  • History 5th in the Western Cape
  • Life Sciences 5th in the Western Cape

And, finally, the cherry on top, we were informed recently that our 2022 Matric cohort improved our overall result in the Western Cape by five positions. Herzlia finished 11th overall. We are extremely proud of this given the fact that we are the only Inclusive School in the top 20! The schools in the top 10 are all schools with rigid academic entrance criteria. It is also interesting to note that the vast majority of these schools are single-sex schools.

We are a proudly co-educational and inclusive school!

A hearty mazeltov to all of our teachers, parents and pupils and the very best of luck to the Matrics of 2023!