Mazaltov and Condolences

Mazaltov and Condolences



Calvin Maserow (MY 2002) and Brooke (nee Spencer)  a daughter Ayla Sophia Maserow 

Michal (nee Lipschitz) (MY 1996) and Michael Alhadeff a daughter Carmela

Stacey (nee Kleinman) (MY 2009) and Grant Kavnat (MY 2007) a daughter Lexi

Deena (nee Ress) (MY 2004) and Shmuel Watkin a son Nissim Shalom

Steven Stein (MY 1999) and Danielle (nee Black) a daughter Alaia Kayla in London

Robert Franco (MY 1994) and Talya a daughter in New York 

Daniel Barnett (MY 2004) and Tracy (nee Favish) a son Jonah Levi

Tanya (nee Aumann) (MY 2006) and Daniel Kritzas a son Rio Max

Dean Friedman (MY 2002) and Anna (nee Gurovich) a son  Aiden Yosef

Jonathan Bertscher (MY 2005) and Jennifer (nee Cohen) (MY 2003) a daughter  Eva in the Netherlands

Candice (nee Schneider) (MY 2010) and Ashley Robinson a son

Jodi (nee Witz) (MY 2004) and Gavin Bedil a daughter Rosie Clare

Shane Kaplan (MY 2010) and Lisa (nee Kruger) a daughter Isla

Raphael Ress (MY 2002) and Sara (nee Kazarnovsky) a son Asher Chaim Lev

Ariella (nee Sevitz) (MY 2006) and Yaakov Pinsky a daughter Nili Shalvah

Ryan Morris (MY 2009) and Linsey (nee Allan) a daughter Tayla

Jodi (nee Cohen) (MY 2006) and Saul Gordon (MY 2004) a son Harlo Judd

Rafael Barnett (MY 2009) and Maxine (nee Sa Couto) a son and a daughter (twins) Bo and Nina

Jessica (nee Kotlowitz) (MY 2007) and Hilton Lazar a daughter Livia Mae



Joshua Scher (MY 2010) to Sara Diamond

Ronen Cohen (MY 2000) to Adva Dichter

Jodi Sheldon (MY 2011) to Jason Kampel

Adam Friedman (MY 2005) to Annette Cohen in the USA

Richard Gore (MY 2002) to Gabrielle Meyers

Josh Berkman (MY 2013) to Jemma Waksman

Rael Chapman (MY 2011) to Karen Waserstein in the UK

Adam Lutzno (MY 2003) to Claire Sandre in Geneva

Steven Shenker (MY 2003) to Amy Kaplan (MY 2008)

Lindsay Kirsch (MY 1991) to Grant Gibor

Craig Sheldon (MY 2010) to Casey Sher (MY 2014)

Micaela Lurie (MY 2014) to Daniel Katz



Erin (nee Levitas) (MY 2008) and Uriel Jablonski

Kaylee (nee Kantor) and Brett Horwitz (MY 2008)

Richard Harrisberg (MY 2013) and Aiden (nee Suskin) (MY 2013)

Nicole (nee Margolius) (MY 2005) and Jason Mayo

Max Moss (MY 2016) and Jemima Herschberg in Thailand

Ryan Mendelsohn (MY 2010) and Chelsey (nee Varkel) (MY 2010)

Julian Kessler (MY 2006) and Gemma (nee Cowan) (MY 2007)

Michelle (nee Levenson) (MY 2008) and Dean Shill

Lauren (nee Sadman) (MY 2010) and Ricky Steinfeld



Selwyn Miller (MY 1964)

Anton Wilder (MY 1976)

Isaac (Zak) Fridlender (MY 1967) passed away in December 2022 in LA

Edward Castle 

Batyah Baigel (MY 1962)

Judith Cohen: a legend at Herzlia and very loved by all her pupils. She taught English from mid/late 1960’s into 2000’s.



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Menschlichkeit in action!

Menschlichkeit is a stand-alone Pillar to highlight its importance, but it also permeates all aspects of our school life.

UHS Chairman’s Award 2024

This award honours those who have made an extraordinary contribution to the life and well-being of the greater Herzlia community.

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