Mazaltovs and Condolences

Mazaltovs and Condolences

Here are all the community updates since we sent our previous newsletter in April 2022.



Gary Felthun (MY 1996) and Toni (Copans) a daughter

Lori (nee Berelowitz) (MY 2004) and Dean Joffe (MY 2004) a daughter

Leon von Zwiklitz (MY 1999) and Miriam a son

Anton Gillis (MY 2001) and Taryn (nee Goldstein) a son

Amy (nee Stein) (MY 2003) and Jarred Brenner a daughter

Aviva (nee Bernstein) (MY 2003) and Jonathan Taitz a daughter

Russel Goodman (MY 2002) and Mariel (nee Kaplan) a daughter

Richard Manion (MY 2018) a son

Brent Shapiro (MY 1998) and Alexandra ( Cohen) (MY 2005) a daughter

Gabbi Vogel (nee Sank) (MY 2013) and Mendy Vogel a daughter

Gaby Levitas (nee Kaplan) MY 2005) and Ryan Levitas (MY 2003) a son

Kevin Trope (MY 1996) and Shana  a son

Michel Joffe (MY 2003) and Jaya Joffe a son

Laura (Friedmann) (MY 2008) and Itay Ozeri a daughter

Samantha (Mair) (MY 2007) and Peter Rogers a son



Demi Sher (MY 2017) to Zack Rosenberg

Zara Mendelsohn ( MY 2006) to Doron Hanan

Grant Gischen (MY 2008) to Talia Jacobs.

Richard Harrisberg (MY 2013) to Aiden Suskin (MY 2013)

Joshua Goldberg (MY 2015) to Ariella Avigayil Swartz



Terri Levin (MY 2001) to Oliver Addleson

Jessica Thorn (MY 2003) to Adam Hejnowitz 

Mika Klitzner (MY 2006) to Steffen Kahn

Dani Freidman (MY 2012) to Dean Sevel

Simone Abramson (MY 2009) to Jason Baron

Tao Klitzner (MY 2013) to Nathan Esra

Saul Stein (MY 1992) to Bev Shrand

Jason Gurwitz (MY 1992) to Stacey (Muller)

Darren Sanders (MY 2001) to Ramit Hazan

Aviv Mirkin (MY 2007) to Mark Blumenthal

Jason Marx (MY 2011) to Michelle Grossman 

Alix Reingold (MY 2010) to Jared Epstein

Steven Stein (MY 1999) to Danielle Black



Ronen Gordon (MY 2000)

Rodney Mazinter

Rita Katzen (nee Shulman) (MY 1975)

Ivor Marsden


Featured News

More Matric Accolades

The good news keeps coming with the Matric Class of 2024 and our school making more ‘top of’ lists!

Tax benefits

Tax Benefits of Donating to The Herzlia Foundation Trust

United Herzlia Schools is the sole beneficiary of The Herzlia Foundation Trust PBO No. 930038539

South Africa Donors are eligible for a Section 18 A tax certificate in respect of donation to the Foundation (depending on the terms of the donation within our discretion). Please contact if you require assistance.

United Kingdom Donors can apply for a GiftAid form if they donate through EuroChai SA. Please contact Ralph Frank if you require further assistance.

United States of America Donors can receive tax benefit if they donate via the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego. Please ensure designation of funds is “Friends of Herzlia”.

Canada Donors can receive tax benefits if they donate through UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. Please ensure allocation of funds is written “The Herzlia Foundation Trust” on your donation & tribute form. Please contact Eyal Golan if you require further assistance.

Australia Donors can receive tax benefits if they donate through Chai Charitable Foundation.