Kim Stern (MY 1996) and Liora Lazarus a son 

  Adam Victor and Robyn Koff Victor (MY 2006) a daughter

  Karla Green Dana (MY 2003) and Joseph Dana a daughter 

  Auri Benatar (MY 2005) and Jenni Davidson Benatar (MY 2006 ) a son

  Shelley Cohen Pozniak (MY 2000) and Clive Pozniak a son

  Robyn Ginsberg Fittinghoff (MY 2008) and Dovi Fittinghoff a daughter 

  Marc Codron (MY 1994) and Natalie Codron (nee Blumenau) a daughter in Israel

  Jeffrey Cohen (MY 1997) and Hila Cohen a son in Israel

  Saul Witz (MY 2005) and Sheri-Lee a son

  Marc Saks (MY 1999) and Claudia Saks a daughter 

  Daniella Wynter (MY 2000) to Josh Wynter a son

  Jacqui Cirota (MY 2001) to Aviv Gruer a daughter

  Lee-Ann Lipman Gelb (MY 2007) to Greg Gelb (MY 2005) a son

  Dylan Kupritz (MY 2008) and Chantal a daughter



Alexandra Cohen (MY 2005) to Alex Dotsch in London

Max Moss (MY 2016) to Jemima Herschberg 

Harriet Shapiro (MY 1989) to Laurence Slotow

Brett Horwitz (MY 2008) to Kaylee Kantor

Simone Metz (MY 2013) to Lee Brooks

Erin Levitas (MY 2008) to Uriel Jablonski

Oren Katzeff (MY 2009) to Talia Howard

Jared Locketz (MY 2015) to Ron Meuhas in Israel



Devon Thomatos (MY 2003) to Nicole Smith (MY 2003)

Leanne Kimmel (MY 2006) to Itay Mizrachi

Hella Borochowitz (MY 2012) to Brent Chernotsky (MY 2009)

Kayla Latinksy (MY 2011) to Tomer Parizer

Dean Friedman (MY 2002) to Anna Gurovich

Rahla Schaffer (MY 2008) to Mikhail Kramer

Aimee Fig (MY 2009) to Greg Assenbaum

Nicole Michalowsky (MY 1999) to Dov Stern



Michael Kramer (MY 1958)

Abe Wollach 

Martyn Gelb (MY 1974)

Jeffrey Marcus (MY 1962)