Mazaltovs and Condolences

Mazaltovs and Condolences

Here are all the updates since we sent our last newsletter in Sept 2021.


  • To Adam Greenblatt (MY 1992) and Manda (Graham) a daughter in NY
  • To Grant Shapiro (MY 2002) and Lynn (Danziger) a son
  • To Daniella Mair (MY 2003) and Brad Rosmarin a daughter
  • To Daniella (Biess) (MY 2004) and Adam Green (MY 2001) a daughter 
  • To Natasha (Scher) (MY2009) and Anthony Schneider a son
  • To Elana (Sanzul) (MY 2009) and David Sevel a daughter
  • To Ronit (Kagan) (MY 2002) and Jack Abramowitz (MY 1992) a daughter
  • To Lauren (Cohen) (MY 2002) and James Woolley a  daughter 
  • To Keelin (Pincus) (MY 2003) and Wade Skinner a son
  • To Hayley (Schneider) (MY 2007) and Greg Magid (MY 2006) a daughter
  • To Mia (Feldman) and Warren Weiner (MY 1999) a son
  • To Alexia (Silverman) (MY 2002) and Kane Kossew a daughter
  • To Jodi (Witz) (MY 2004) and Gavin Bedil a son
  • To Jenna (Schiff) (MY 2005) and Howard Kahn a son
  • To Ari Kruger (MY 1999) and Julia (Anastasopoulos) a son
  • To Romy (Kruger) (MY 2003) and Jonathan Ayache (MY 2004) a daughter
  • To Loren (Rosen) (MY 2008) and Daniel Fredman a daughter
  • To Taryn (Schneider) (MY 2003) and Steven Lipschitz a daughter
  • To Tammy (Glick) (MY 2003) and Russel Luck (MY 2000) a daughter
  • To Jonathan Stein (MY 1998) and Sheri-Lee (Bernstein) a daughter
  • To Laura (Kawitzky) (MY 2002) and Sean Bloom (MY 2005) a son
  • To Kelli (Fuchs) (MY 2001) and Farril Rosen a daughter
  • To Martine (Cohen) (MY 2002) and Greg Nafte a son
  • To Mark Sarembock (MY 2000) and Cassandra (Santos)a son
  • To Aura (Kleinberger) (MY 2005) and Adam Zartz (MY 2009) a son
  • To Andy (Feldman) (MY 2001) and Warren  Kopelowitz a son


  • Stacey Marcus (MY 2006) to Saul Stern 
  • Aimee Fig (MY 2009) to Greg Assenbaum
  • Nicole Michalowsky (MY 1999) to Dov Stern
  • Terri Levin (MY 2001) to Oliver Jules Addleson
  • Hella Borochowitz (MY 2012) to Brent Chernotsky (MY 2009) 
  • Alix Reingold (MY 2010) to Jared Epstein (MY 2006)
  • Saul Stein (MY 1992) to Beverly Shrand
  • Jason Marx (MY 2011)  to Michelle Grossman


  • Robyn Waters (MY 2009) to Daniel Sher (MY 2005)
  • Jade Goodman (MY 2009) to Anthony Silber (MY 2005)
  • Daniella Hayman (MY 2009) to David Levin (MY 2011)
  • Jade Kaplan (MY 2008) to Brian Blumenthal
  • Jenna Kassel (MY 2011) to Zachary Melnick (MY 2011) 
  • Glen Rabinowitz (MY 2010) to Jade Kaftel
  • Lori Cape (MY 2009) to Jaime Trope
  • Dean Horwitz (MY 2005) to Tracey-Lee Lusty
  • Shane Kaplan (MY 2010) to Lisa Kruger
  • Talya Codron (MY 2008) to Tyron Ginsburg 
  • Michaela Katzeff (MY 2012) to Eli Green
  • Jarred Amsdorf (MY 2008) to Joanna Israel
  • Saul Ginsberg (MY 2007) to Melissa Ganz 
  • Joshua Todes (MY 2009) to Dani Victor
  • David Cohen (MY 2008) to Hayley Lipworth
  • Lara Kleinman (MY 1998) to Roy Robins
  • Lara Gnesin (MY 2008) to Marcello Miscia  
  • Samantha Miller (MY 2012) to Gavin Stoch (MY 2005)
  • Jennifer Cohen (MY 2003) to Jonathan Bertsher (MY 2005) 
  • Matthew Cohen (MY 2004) to Kate Hesterman
  • Jenna Goldberg (MY 2010) to Byron Spilkin (MY 2005) 
  • Ashleigh Rabie (MY 2010) to David Novos


  • David Trojeski
  • David Ellman
  • Paul Sulcas
  • Hazel Susman (MY1963)
  • Trevor Cohen (MY 1974)
  • Louis Verblun (MY 1968)
  • Ivor Markowitz (MY 1951)
  • Gail Black (MY 1983)
  • Neil Roup (MY 1980)

General Mazaltov:

  • Cara Saven (MY 1993) won the Women in Leadership Award at the Absa Jewish Achievers Awards 2021
  • Ronnie Gotkin (MY 1973) and Ivor Joffe (MY 1988) were nominated for the Absa Jewish Achievers Award 2021
  • Viv Anstey (MY 1977) received the national SA Jewish Board of Deputies Eric Samson Mendel Kaplan Communal Service Award 2021
  • Jordy Sank (MY 2010) was awarded Best Director at the Jozi Film Festival for his documentary, “I am Here” featuring 100-year-old Holocaust survivor Ella Blumenthal in 2021
  • Kelsey Buchalter (MY 2014) was nominated for a Fleur du Cap award for “most promising student”


Featured News

2023 Matric Valedictory

Herzlia’s Matric Class of 2023’s Valedictory marks a significant milestone in their Herzlia school journey!

Tax benefits

Tax Benefits of Donating to The Herzlia Foundation Trust

United Herzlia Schools is the sole beneficiary of The Herzlia Foundation Trust PBO No. 930038539 South Africa Donors are eligible for a Section 18 A tax certificate in respect of donation to the Foundation (depending on the terms of the donation within our discretion). Please contact if you require assistance.

United Kingdom Donors can apply for a GiftAid form if they donate through EuroChai SA. Please contact Ralph Frank if you require further assistance.

United States of America Donors can receive tax benefit if they donate via the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego. Please ensure designation of funds is “Friends of Herzlia”.

Canada Donors can receive tax benefits if they donate through UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. Please ensure allocation of funds is written “The Herzlia Foundation Trust” on your donation & tribute form. Please contact Eyal Golan if you require further assistance.

Australia Donors can receive tax benefits if they donate through Chai Charitable Foundation.