Tournament of Minds (TOM) 2023

Tournament of Minds (TOM) 2023

Herzlia’s TOM teams have been hard at work solving challenges and creating presentations that will undoubtedly impress the judging panels. This wonderful enrichment opportunity has attracted nine groups of pupils from Gr 6-8, who have shown an interest in thinking outside the box. Teams are busily working collaboratively to solve various challenging problems. Unfortunately, for various reasons, the Cape Town and Durban rounds this year will not take place in front of a live audience. Instead, the Long Term Challenge will be recorded for judging by a panel of external judges, while the Spontaneous Challenge, a previously unseen ‘on the spot’ challenge that allows teams only a very short time to discuss, plan and present their responses, will take place online in front of a panel of three judges. 

The Long Term Challenges:

Language Literature ‘Set in Stone’

The newly created Tribunal of Monuments (TOM) has funding to commission a statue from literature to symbolise a city in the world. TOM has stipulated that fairy tales or traditional stories are already well represented so they require a different literature genre.

CHALLENGE: Your team must persuade the Tribunal to select their chosen character(s) to symbolise their chosen city. Other characters from the text must be used in support during their presentation. As part of your presentation, you need to create a 30-second promotional video for your chosen character and location. Your character needs to be selected from one genre in List A, and the presentation must include at least three literary devices from List B.

Arts ‘Immersion’

Immersive art experiences have become popular in recent times. The International Arts Committee (IAC) has invited teams from around the world to develop a 3D immersive art installation to represent one modern or contemporary artist and a piece of their work. The exhibition will travel the world so it needs to be portable and easy to assemble.

CHALLENGE: Your team has been asked to create an immersive art experience for the International Arts Committee. Your team needs to choose an artist from the given list, research their artworks and choose one of their artworks to use in the immersive art installation. You will need to explain the significance of your installation and why it should be included. Your installation needs to be assembled during your presentation. It must be a 3D representation of the artwork. It must not be higher than 2 metres and must fit within the 3x3m square. The installation must include a copy of the original artwork, a soundscape and the use of performance art to assist in the building of the installation. People must be able to walk through your installation.

Social Sciences ‘Clash of the Ages’

World-changing events have occurred throughout the ages since before the wheel was invented through to the use of drones in the 21st Century to map out the scale of the world’s plastic pollution problems.

CHALLENGE: There has been a time convergence where an event from a distant time in the past and a 20th-century event have merged, causing the world we now live in to be completely different. An artefact from each of these events has been discovered. Experts want to find out the significance of the artefacts on the world as they now know it. Your challenge is to identify the two artefacts connected to the two events, and the historical significance of the events. You are to explain how the two events are linked, the cause of the merge and how it occurred. What is the impact of this convergence on the 21st century?


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