UHS Chairman’s Award 2024

UHS Chairman’s Award 2024

Mazaltov Geoff Cohen!

This award honours those who have made an extraordinary contribution to the life and well-being of the greater Herzlia community, displaying loyalty, dedication and commitment, embracing and enhancing the ethos and values of school life. The recipient is an individual who, in their particular area of expertise, has made an impact on the lives of the pupils of Herzlia, while enhancing the good standing of our school in the eyes of the Cape Town and SA community. 

UHS Board Chair, Hayle Marks said “ I don’t believe there is anyone who has impacted every facet of this school more than tonight’s winner. He has been a pupil, a parent, a teacher, a sports coach, a headmaster and a director and is undoubtedly the most well-known and well-loved alumnus this school has ever produced. There is not a Herzlian who does not know him and I am confident that there is not a Herzlian who he does not know. His association with Herzlia goes back over 40 years and in that time he has impacted the lives of hundreds of Jewish children – now Jewish adults –  who all remember him with affection and respect. He is a true mensch and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have worked so closely with him over the past few years.

He may be retiring this year, but he will always be a part of Herzlia, just as Herzlia will always be a part of him. He is the first person to receive this award for a second time, which seems incredibly fitting. It is my absolute privilege tonight to give this award to Geoff Cohen.”


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Menschlichkeit in action!

Menschlichkeit is a stand-alone Pillar to highlight its importance, but it also permeates all aspects of our school life.

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